Thursday, October 16, 2014

Test, test, and more tests.

Over the last couple of weeks I've been learning ToonBoom and doing tests hear and there. I've had some success in what I can incorporate to the film.

This test is titled "Oger vs El Wimpo". This was my first attempt at animating a detail puppet to get a feel of how the film may turn out. Although far from done, this was only meant as a test. One good lesson learned here was file compatibility. In the office, I'm using Animate , but at home I have Harmony. Although developed by the same company, I could not open my work file at home.

My second test revolves around using bone deformers. The idea was for it to save time by creating less pieces in the arms legs and torso. Basically I was able to rig the drawing like a 3d model to bend non segmented body parts. The early results are a bit jinky. Joints fold into each other or stretch other unintended body parts. Unlike Maya, there is no obvious way to lock the feet to the ground when attempting to crouch the character. Final, the network system and complete hierarchy of deformer bone structure became to  overwhelming and time consuming, which defeats the purpose.

As for the film, I've decided to animate traditionally and utilize what I've learned so far to complete the film. Since Harmony files can be read on Animate, (not the other way around),  I will rough at home and clean up in the office.

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