Wednesday, February 25, 2015


My latest work reel

Updated Schedule

At this point, everything is animated except the book transitions and the scene when my character is looking at the card. The other scenes will be tied down accordingly. The Roughest scene is the final scene. Although it's about a minute, the scenes is pauses and reactions.

Sound is a huge determent if I push it back any longer. On my schedule, I work on sound Friday the 6th. In reality I 'm gonna start gathering sounds this week.

The transitions will be essentailly a crude map in a journal. It's going to look very rough like a doodle in a journal. There will be some animated portions in the page turnings.

Backgrounds may take a bit longer than expected. Scenes 2-4 takes place in the same general area, so there's one or two backgrounds will suffice. Scene 1 has multiple backgrounds, but will mostly be simple line work.