Monday, September 22, 2014

The Survival Guide

My Senior film  is called the Survival Guide to China

The Log line:
 A charismatic merchant finds his mark in a oblivious tourist who doesn't know his way around China.

Generally, my film is about my memories traveling across China in 2007.  My goal is to produce a beautifully animated 2 minute film by May 2015.

In terms of inspiration, I really loved those coming of age shows like Doug and Pepper Ann.

I find these shows in particular were rooted somewhat in a believable world with just enough "fun" to shake thing up a bit.

I wanted my character designs to similar to a degree but a bit more angular.  

The protagonist is myself of course and I am the target of a very crafty merchant who will stop at nothing to get his buck.

My plans for now work with ToonBoom and see if it's direction I want to go in.  I'm doing small tests to get a feel of the program. I may do half and half, a little puppeting hear or there. I want to have more fluid movement for many of my scenes and the simplistic nature of puppeting may hinder this.
I gonna spend some time researching traditionally animating and cleaning up and manipulating through Toon Boom.